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  1. It wouldn't be the pick ups nor the batteries. They've been replaced a couple months ago and I have one guitar without active pickups and it still cuts out. By board, I mean the main board in the amp. I do have a FBV but disconnected it thinking that it could be the problem.
  2. For the last few months, my amp has been having volume issues. I'll be playing at whatever volume and after a minute or so. The volume cuts out about half. It's really frustrating and I can't seem to find the solution anywhere. My warranty is up and I've replaced all 4 tubes hoping that was the reason. It sounds better but the problem still remains. I've check all the connections on the board to the dials and switches, thinking that there's a loose connection and nothing. The amp is updated to the latest firmware and my guitar cables are pretty much brand new. The input jacks on my guitars aren't the problem either. Has anyone had this problem or know a solution? Thanks!
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