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  1. Not sure if this has been discussed but here goes. I would normally playback audio from my computer through a mixer routed to my L3t, which was great. I've since sold the mixer and now i'm trying to figure out if I can route the audio from my computer through the USB on the POD HD 500 and through the L6 link output that is connected to the L3t. I know I can get audio through the USB of the POD HD 500 if I use the outputs. Just curious if the L6 Link would carry the audio from the USB. Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. Thanks for the reply. I think I'll try the 10-52 and I'll post my results at some point.
  3. These new strings from Ernie Ball have been getting a lot of hype. Anyone tried these out on a James Tyler Variax? I'm also curious if I would have to make any adjustments to my JTV-59 if I use the 10-52 size. I currently use the 10-46 size. I've never used the 10-52 size but I'm wondering if having those on there would help with the Acoustic Models. Thanks in advance for your input.
  4. UPDATE: So yesterday at rehearsal I noticed something weird. I switched to one of my usual patches and used the Tuning knob which I have set up as a CAPO on the 3rd fret. Now normally the Tuning takes precedence and remains regardless of patch switching. In this case I left it on the CAPO 3rd Tuning and switched to another patch and this is when things got weird. I noticed the Model knob light turned off and the Tuning know wouldn't switch either. I still had guitar signal but it would cut in and out. I noticed that when I engaged the Model knob then the light would come on but it would engage the Model that the knob was set to instead of the Model assigned to the patch. Anyway I took it home and was able to generate the same issue. I ended up having to reassign the patch and it didn't do it anymore. Not sure if anyone has had a similar issue.
  5. I've had a Dream Rig consisting of a JTV-59, L3t, and a POD HD500 for about 2 years now. I've noticed that in the past 2 years I've had about maybe 2-3 instances where I would get either no sound from the JTV-59 or no response from the POD HD500 when I would change presets. Normally I would power the everything up in a certain order starting with the POD HD500, then the L3t, then I would connect the JTV-59. On occasion, I power up the L3t then the POD HD500 and then connect the JTV-59. I have the POD HD500 and the L3t connected via L6 link. I'm beginning to think that when I power up in a different order I get the issues I'm referring to. The latest issue occurred a couple of days ago when I connected the JTV-59 first to the POD HD500 then I powered on the POD, then I powered on the L3t. I didn't get any power to the JTV-59 at all when I did this. I had to shut everything down and power up the normal way I power up and everything was fine. Anyone experience anything like this? I also have the USB connected as well. Let me know if you guys can test this out if possible. I'd like to get some feedback.
  6. Thank you ADBrown for the response!
  7. Not sure if this has been answered yet but I was curious. What is considered a "Dream Rig"? I currently have a JTV-58, POD HD500, and a Stagesource L3t. Is it only a Dream Rig when you have a DT-Series amp? I can't remember where it was referenced having my current set-up. Thanks in advance.
  8. So how do I go about adjusting the action on a JTV-59? I have a buzz on the low E string. Is there any helpful videos or pictures on someone adjusting one? Or should I take it to a professional? Thanks in advance for the help. P.S Here is my unboxing video of the JTV-59 in Cherry Sunburst. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KTmcBCUIekQ
  9. Thanks Phil!! That makes sense being that the XTLIVE is an older model.
  10. Hello forum. Looking to get a Variax Standard very soon and was wondering if any of the users here use their Variax with a POD XTLIVE.. I've owened a POD XT LIVE for long time now and have grown accustomed to the sounds and tones I have created over the years. Would I have any limitations if I were to get a Variax Standard? I would rather not upgrade to the HD pedals if possible. I also want to get a Stagesource L3T speaker as well. Thanks for your time.
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