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  1. Hello, I know this was asked a lot of times, but I read everything/everywhere and I still don't have a clue. The sound I get from my Logic Pro + UX2 is just horrible: cold, crunchy, messy, low. I can't get a real metal distortion. I found a video tutorial and i set up exactly the same things. Step 1: choose the AMP. His tests: My macbook exploded in a burts of distortion. My test: crccrrcrrr...crappy sound :) In many videos I noticed that they set the virtual cabinet output very low...I have to put it at MAX LEVEL else i can't get any distortion if not a crunchy and cold sound (I can't do any artificial armonic because the sound is completely cut!). Also with podfarm the "master of puppets" preset is kinda horrible. My gear: Macbook pro 16gb ram, 512 SSD, 4 core 2,7MHZ UX2 Guitars: Schecter Hellriser (active EMG), Shecter Blackjack SLS (passive Seymour Duncan + Susteniac). I connect Guitar in Instrument or Pod line in. I connect via USB the UX to Macbook. I tried as output both macbook speakers and Sony Headphones connected to UX2. I think I'm missing something very simple, Can someone help me? Thank you!
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