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  1. Ok, nowhere in Qc ? Or maybe at least can I bring it to the local L&M so they can ship it to Pickering for further repair ?
  2. I checked the Dealer Locator page here. Couldn't find anything for my area (Montreal, Qc, Canada), it's not like I'm living in North Pole no ?!? Sigh... The dealer I was talking about is Long & McQuade which opened a store here in Montreal, about 1 year after that other store (Italmelodie) closed (guess they found there was a hole to fill there ;-)
  3. Hi all, I have this amp (Spider Valve MKII 112) which I used to love from about 2010-2012'ish. Always took good care, never abused it too much. Then some wild "life stuff" happened (don't start, too long) so the amp slept for a while unused (until about 2014). Then I tried it again (in 2014) and it had did loud screeching sound. Brought it to local reputable music store (original where I bought the amp). After inspection, they called and said the whole PCB needed replacement (!). I told them ok go ahead, knowing that was likely a 100-200$ fix... About a month passed, then that store went belly under (bankdrupt) !! Once I got the amp back (after a LOT of time and energy wasted), not surprisingly nothing fixed (still screeching loudly). So I brought my amp to another local authorized reputable dealer. After inspecting they told me they couldn't do anything and amp was dead! SO, here we are... I got what used to be a really nice amp but today is nothing more than an expensive "decoration" in my music studio. I'm discouraged, anyone has any idea what could / should I do ? I'm hoping somehow a miracle could happen that Line6 would know how to fix this, or perhaps offer a discount to move on and buy some new hardware. I'm consideing maybe a Pod HD or some other rackmount guitar module. Sorry if this sounds like a rant but I'd really like to find some kind of solution to resolve this issue. My finances aren't what they used to be, I'd really like this old amp not to be just worthless... Thanks!
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