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  1. AH HA! The mic inputs can only give 48v phantom power to one input at a time, not both. So I'll have to use one condenser mic and one dynamic mic.
  2. The Line 6 UX2 has 2 mic inputs but when I plug mics into both of them it will only pickup the signal from input 2. When input 1 is used on its own it picks that up fine, so it's not a dead preamp. In the POD Farm mixer I've enabled 'dual' tones and selected Mic 1 for tone A and Mic 2 for tone B. I can only hear Mic 2 on tone B. Is there anyone here who has experience with the UX2 that could help?
  3. I hope someone can help me with this, I'm stuck. I have a UX2 interface and a mac running High Sierra. The audio on both microphone inputs crackles. I've tried different cables, different microphones, both with and without using 48v phantom power. The audio from the microphones always crackles. The direct guitar inputs are fine, as is the main output and everything else, but I can't record anything on a microphone without hearing a crackling on the audio that is picked up from the microphone. Is it the USB inputs? Why do just the mic inputs crackle? Thanks in advance for any replies
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