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  1. Hi folks; Having recently switched iPhones from the 4s to the 5s, I now find myself unable to use the MIDI Mobilizer without some sort of 30-pin to Lightning adapter. I bought some off-brand adapters from Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DGMVRMY/ref=shptrk_scth), but they don't seem to support the data transfer needed here (when plugged in, I get a message like "this product is not certified for use with iPhone", and then when I open the MIDI Memo app, I get the message "Requires MIDI Interface", as if nothing was plugged into it at all). Does anyone have any experience using the Apple-manufactured adapters with the Mobilizer instead? (although my suspicion is that both Apple's and this other product I bought from Amazon are made in the same factory in China) Thanks for looking and for any helpful ideas on this.
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