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  1. I try to control toogle on/off of the metal distortion and chorus in Amplitube 3, as plugin in the DAW energy XT. I have before set in Amplitube CC numbers 14 and 15 as controllers and it worked before with the MIDI foot controller behringer FCB1010, but i don´t know how to implement the preset for FBV express to control Amplitube plugin. I have in Amplitube setup 14 and 15 as controllers for bypass metal distortion and chorus, but as said before i don´t know how to get FBV express to control those CC numbers. Thankful for good answers.
  2. I use a behringer FCB1010 MIDI foot controller to control POD Farm on my windows 7 computer but i only have figured out how to control the volume with the right expression pedal (becuase i have set it to CC 07 in the past, the standard CC number for volume), so i wonder what other things can i control on POD Farm with MIDI and where i set the CC numbers in the program to match the settings on FCB1010? I use a Tascam US-1641 as audio/MIDI interface.
  3. I have connected (in order) Digitech death metal distortion, BOSS CE-2 Chorus and BOSS DD-7 Digital Delay in a loop on PODHD500 and i have a wha (throaty) before the loop (on PODHD 500 itself) and a reverb (on PODHD 500 itself) after the loop. I listen to the preset when i play with my headphones and i think it sounds great, especially the delay that bouncing between the left and right channel in my headphones. I have no full or preamp emulation on on PODHD 500. But when i connect to a Marshall Class 5 (5 watts) combo it doesn´t sounds as great. Is it because i connect mono to the Marshall amp so that the delay not can bounch between the left and right channel or is it because the amp coloring (like all amps) the sound in a way so that it not sounds as good as in headphones? And what can i do about it , should i connect behringer Eurolive B208D PA speakers (that i have) to the PODHD 500 so that i get stereo and so that they not coloring my sound (like guitar amp does but not PA system and speakers)? Or do you have any other suggestions?
  4. Thanks, real good answer.
  5. I wonder if i use for example BOSS CE-2 Chorus and BOSS DD-7 Digital delay and BOSS PW-10 Wha in an effect loop on PODHD500 (effect send and return jacket) if i can see those stompboxes on the LCD screen on PODHD500 and if i can turn them on/off with PODHD500 footswitches? In any other case how can i use the effect loop on PODHD500 with stompboxes or line effect devices?
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