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  1. Thank you. I agree with that approach. Maybe I am doing something wrong. I did step away from my amps for a week to attempt to break my expectations. In the end I felt fatigued. I felt like something was missing. I felt like the high frequency, glassy, top end was very different. I tried multiple EQ blocks, ear phones, frfr, powercab plus, introducing analog gear into the signal path, 4cm, etc, etc. my next try will be using the powercab line in to take the line out of my attenuators to add cabs to my tube heads. I hope this will help. I do like the UA ox but that is not good for live use. We will see.
  2. Yea... this is my review. I will not be doing a YouTube video. I think part of the issue is that the reviews that get views are sponsored. And YouTube’s algorithm supports views. I seriously doubt that most players sitting next to an a/b switch with a 1987x/jump/deluxe...etc on one lead and a helix and powercab plus on the other would prefer the line 6 regardless of experience level. AND I know how much wrath would be brought down on me for pointing this out. Again, this is subjective, so if you do prefer the helix I am honestly jealous!!! Line 6 is on the radar. If they can really nail a reference tone from a known circuit then I will be the first to throw money at them. Look at the fender deluxe modeler. ALL of the processing power thrown at one model and it still doesn’t sound true! Something is missing I thought the powercab might be the missing link. It is a great idea and I hope they continue to improve on it.
  3. Yea, I get it. That is why I got the powercab (try and trick myself) I said even if I got 90% there I would jump in the deep end. Lord knows I would love to lose all the heavy iron!!! All I needed to get was one convincing tone. The powercab promised to provide the ‘amp in a room’ tone. IMHO It is not there yet. I have UA, amplitube, and logic so I have models coming out my ears (no pun intended). About announcing my departure. If more honest reviews were out there it may have saved me a lot of time (worth more than money these days). If this works for you then consider me jealous! It is such an attractive idea. I just wish it held up in practice (again no pun intended) keep up the fight L6! Maybe I’ll see you again after the next big release.
  4. This might go over like a lead balloon here but... I spent a LOT of time with this trying to get close to my reference tone (1987x and 65 Deluxe) I experienced some issues with my ears, something in the upper midrange was off. I never got even close to the real thing. All I really want is 2-3 really useable models. Unfortunately it is way too much of a compromise.
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