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  1. Hey! First of all: Thanks for your ridiculously fast answer. It's really no big deal to crossgrade, i i will likely do that, it's not that expensive. But still: In "Monkey", under applications i can download stuff like gearbox, farm. and RiffworksL6! why is it there to download? is it there for everbody? mhhh, i don't know... well, just to be sure: whatever was in the past, "just owning" a podx3Live doesn't mean, you can use RiffworksL6Edition in a fully operational mode? (i just remember i differently)
  2. He Guys, (sorry for my bad english, I'm german) i know this question has been asked before, but i'm still not really sure, what my problem is about. So: Years ago i purchased a X3Live, and RiffworksL6Edition was included. And I'm pretty sure, i was able to save etc. Later i sold my old X3L , but month ago i bought a new one. its registred and authorized. But now when i doenload RiffworksLine6Edition via the monkey, it only runs in demo mode. I get that it is outdated, but i still don't understand why back in like 2010/11 i could use riffworksL6 like a "full version", with saving and so on. I remember that just by owning a X3Live, it worked like some kind of "licence" to use riffworks as a "full version". So i guess my question is: am i doing something wrong, or is it nowadays impossible to use RiffworksLine6Edition like years ago? Because I'm pretty sure, it used to be different. Getting a L6-Edition of Riffworks that was more functional than the demo-mode was kind of part of the deal, when bying a X3L.
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