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  1. By the way, if I use the Fx loop, I by pass the tuner.... So after playing with it yesterday I understood what you said about changing the vol pedal to a gain pedal. So I dropped the max gain for the Bass patches by -5dB (and selected Input Pad On) - works a treat and allows me to use the tuner. That is indeed the solution. Nice one buddy - thank you
  2. I have the GE250. To be honest I think it's great. My bug bear was the lack of bass support. I've only had the POD for one day but it's really growing on me. I love the stomp mode, I could just use this in a live situation and be done. I feel there more of a deep dive on the POD to craft your tone. So many settings and easy to use. Plus the community is brilliant, there's so much out there to pick up with presets and Irs. The expression pedal is definitely better with the POD too. The Mooer feels a little more powerful in terms of; no gap in sound when selecting patches and whilst all but 2 of the fx slots are pre filled, you can have everything you need for a tone. (So delay, reverb, amp, cab, OD/Dist, EQ, Gate are in every tone then you can add 2 more) It's possible to get great tones out of either but for functionality and community I'm leaning to the POD.
  3. Using that, I just plug my bass into the FX Return and plug g'tar into the main input. Then no worries. Get resolution to a real issue. To answer the question, yes, the bass really is that hot. I'm sat in front of both the Mooer and the POD doing A/B tests..... I think the Mooer is going on eBay soon.....
  4. That FX loop hack is perfect. You sir are a genius.
  5. Hey y'all, I'm a bass player and a g'tar man in different bands. I bought the Mooer GE250 to cover all the bases but recently have become disenfranchised with it due to the lack of any bass support/amps. One main bug bear is that I can't specify which input pad (+/-dB) to apply to each patch (as the bass is 18v Active and needs a -20dB PAD and the guitar does not) and it's a global setting. From what I can see, this is the same with the POD GO? Surely I can't be on my own in wanting that option in the Input stage ? You guys with passive and active g'tar or basses must have that issue too? I just can't seem to find anything about it online or any one with a similar issue. The end result is that the guitar runs cold and needs extra gain, or I have to remember to adjust the global setting, both of which are not a perfect solution. Thanks for you help.
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