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  1. Not sure if I followed exactly what you're trying to connect to and from, but if anyone is wondering whether or not you can use an RJ45 switch with the Variax, the answer is yes. I have a single JTV Variax plugged into a PASSIVE, very simple RJ45 A/B switch. It works perfectly to switch between my POD X3 Live and my POD HD 500 X. It provides power without any problems. The only quirk is when switching to the X3 Live, it will deactivate the tuning, if you have anything set. You just need to quickly roll the knob to anything else and then back. The other great thing about a digital connection is the lack of inference. That's one of the best things for my set up which is near tons of other equipment where unbalanced connections and magnetic pickups are prone to annoying inference. The main thing I'd love to be able to do is use both pods simultaneously, but I'm scared to try a straight up RJ45 splitter on the guitar. Switching the connection between 2 pods is straight forward, but I have no idea what would happen if you tried to connect a single guitar to 2 Pods, especially if they were both trying to power it! I've used the FX loop send as an analog output to the input of the other Pod, but I run into noise issues with that set up. I really wish either of the Pods had a digital input.
  2. A few days ago I started writing up a long post about my update experience, but wasn't sure if there was much point since I had no issues whatsoever. I did think it might be nice to just add a positive experience, though, since I figured most people who were commenting on these boards were the ones running into problems. I might as well just post a rundown of my experience. So, I got an email from Sweetwater about the 2.0 update and immediately jumped on it. I have a JTV-69 (Korean) and a Pod X3 Live. I almost always keep the JTV plugged into the Pod, so I hardly ever have to use a battery. With the JTV plugged into and powered by the Pod X3, I ran the Line 6 Monkey, connected to the JTV and proceeded with the update to 2.0. I hadn't read anything about the "proper procedure" to follow to get the update, I just plowed through it. I think the JTV had the modeling on with the volume at 10. I didn't have any custom patches I cared about enough, so I didn't have it save the patches. The update completed somewhat quickly with no issues at all. I played around for a bit and thought it sounded great. I was really interested in the new Workbench HD software, so I tried to run it, but quickly found that I couldn't use the Pod. Since I'd never even opened the Variax USB interface, I had to actually find it first! After a few days I finally had time to look for and find the Variax USB Interface. I'm totally in love with the new Workbench HD software and have had a lot of fun playing around with all the options. I thought the Spank presets sounded fine, until they're opened up in Workbench HD. Then that bug appears in positions 2 and 4. I'm definitely happy with the 2.0 update, especially since I don't rely heavily on the Spank presets (although I think they sound fine). The only issue I have is not being able to use my Pod as an interface in conjunction with the Workbench HD.