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  1. I have now returned the Spider V and replaced it with an Amplifi. The bluetooth connection to the amp is nice and seems to work well (but only with one device at a time). I like the Amplifi amp so far but still prefer the Spider V. It's a shame Line 6 limited the Spider amps to a wired connection to the remote app only. I would have much preferred to keep the Spider.
  2. I don't think that Apple support would be needed. I'm guessing the OS within the amp is Linux; it wouldn't make since for Line 6 to write their own OS. I was hoping this might Bluetooth enable the amp allowing it to connect to any Bluetooth device. In any event, I decided to return the amp and buy an Amplifi anyway. It connects to my iPad or iPhone without issues and the remote software is very similar. I liked the Spider amp better (as an amp) but the lack of remote software support for my devices was a deal breaker.
  3. I understand that the Spider Remote app won't connect to an iPad 3 using the 30 pin connector. Has anyone been able to make this work using a USB to Bluetooth adapter? Amazon offers https://www.amazon.com/Plugable-Bluetooth-Adapter-Raspberry-Compatible/dp/B009ZIILLI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1489269326&sr=8-1&keywords=usb+to+bluetooth+adapter Would this work? If so, it might keep me from returning the amp. Thanks.
  4. The fact that the Amplifi line pre-dates Spider V and DOES have bluetooth makes the lack of bluetooth on Spider V inexcusable. One reason I bought the Spider V was positive prior experience with Spider IV amps and the fact that the manual controls are on the face of the amp instead of on top. My amp sits on a stand next to my chair and I can't see the controls if they're on top. The app would solve this problem if it worked but the Amplifi 30 costs $100 more than the Spider V. That's a lot to pay for bluetooth.
  5. I just bought a Spider V 30 and like it very much for the most part. I sounds better than my Spider IVs (75w and 150w). So far, I only have two complaints. The power switch is located on the rear where it's very difficult to reach from the front. I solved this my connecting a designated power strip and using that to turn the amp on/off. Connecting Spider Remote to IOS devices requires a Thunderbolt connector. I phone connect fine but my iPad 3 won't connect at all. Therefore, I'm faced with buying a new iPad or using a tiny screen to operate the app. This really sucks. Note that the Marshall Code amp may not have as many features, but will connect to their IOS app via Bluetooth. This allows connection without a cable of any kind. Line 6 seriously blew it on what should have been a far better option. The only other dis I would give the Spider V series is the wireless use of a G-10T (not on my 30 watt version). The G-10T is a $95 optional device and a great option. However, you can buy a G-10 complete system for about $179 and use it on any amp so it's not much of a selling factor to make you opt for one of the higher wattage amps. For instance, the 60w is about $100 more than my 30w. Other than extra wattage, the only extras for your $100 are a 10" instead of 8" speaker, looping and wireless access to the G-10T (which, as I mentioned, is $95 extra). That means that, if you really want the G-10T, you'll spend $195 more than for the 30w version. My biggest beef is by far the lack of Bluetooth to connect to Spider Remote. If Marshall can do it, Line 6 should have.
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