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  1. Than You for answer:) So in my situation there is no need to buy full pod farm platinium for 299$ (http://store.line6.com/software/pod-farm-2-platinum.html), I can buy only this update (http://store.line6.com/software/pod-farm-2-standard-platinum-upgrade.html) for 199$ to unlock all features of pod farm, and I can use even with another pod studio?
  2. Hi, I have a question. I have standard Pod Studio GX with out-of the box vesrtion of Pod farm. I would like to update all model packs from line6 store. But I saw that there is a possibility to update to Pod farm platinium http://store.line6.com/software/pod-farm-2-standard-platinum-upgrade.html On this site is written: "This upgrade will add the below model packs to your user account. Run the License Manager program to authorize them for use with your existing POD Farm 2 license. This upgrade does not grant hardware independence to the POD Farm license that comes with POD Studio devices" So, as I understood this version will be work only with my Pod studiu GX, but, if for example the device will be broken, and I buy another pod studuio GX, Platinium version will be locked? P.S. Sorry form my pooor English;)
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