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  1. jd3169

    Pod 500x with Digitech Trio+

    Thanks, I got it figured out. For those who need assistance in the future, I'll enumerate my connections: 1) Guitar plugs into the Trio guitar in port. 2) Amp port of Trio to Guitar in of POD. 3) Mixer port of Trio to FX Return L/Mono of POD. 4) Add an FX Loop to your patch. Put it in channel B (or after the amp), but before the mixer. 5) Add a reverb in Channel B after the FX loop for some ambiance. I'm sure there are other ways, and I'll certainly be experimenting, but this setup worked for me.
  2. jd3169

    Pod 500x with Digitech Trio+

    Hello everyone, I've seen a few topics where people have said they've successfully used their 500/500x with a Digitech Trio/+, but I'm a little cable-challenged. Could someone give a quick step-by-step on how to get my Trio+ to work with the 500x? I've got a simple config: guitar input, USB to computer for recording, and 2 Rokit 6 monitors connected to the XLR outs. Also, if the config requires a dummy plug, could you point me where to get one - haven't had to use one before. Thanks, Jeff