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  1. So...in the midst of trying to install my update, I got the expected “Boot Failure” prompt. After hitting “OK”, as directed, I got an abort/failure prompt on my computer. So, I tried to start the process over while my LT is still showing the boot failure screen...and now my computer keeps saying “Reconnect-Connection Interrupted”. Tried 2 different USB cords and every USB port and get the same result.....I’m scared.
  2. I have an HD 500 that I love and use "religiously" at church (pun intended). The tech director and other guitarists all love the tones I have sculpted! Recently, the tech director bought an HD 500 for the church for any of the guitarists in rotation to use as needed and has asked if I would program a set of user tones like mine for the church rig. MY question is, since I have my tones saved on my laptop in HD Edit, can I connect a second HD 500 and dump my tones into it? Thanks for your help! JIMMY
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