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  1. I'm going to switch to the factory power supply and see if that helps. My pedal board is a Pedaltrain PT2 so yes it is metal although it didn't seem to be a problem for the better part of a year. I have tried different channels and it didn't seem to help. I will see if my local dealer can upgrade the firmware and if not I'll be looking into sending it in and having the service department do the upgrade. Any chance you can give me a ballpark estimate on the service department cost?
  2. I've been using a G30 wireless for my guitar signal on stage with a band for over a year without problems however I recently began experiencing dropouts. The receiver is mounted on a pedal board next to a Korg Pitchblack and a 535q wah. All are powered by a DC Brick. Two other wireless units are used on stage for vocals. Both are Shure units and they are fairly far from me. The dropouts have occurred at several different clubs and during an outdoor gig. All occurred when I was standing directly behind the pedal board with nothing between. Our setup has been the same for sometime and I had 0 dropouts for the first 10-11 months I had the unit. The firmware version is 1.02. Any chance a firmware update to 2.00 would help? Is 1.02 updatable(I've seen references to needing 1.03 and 1.02 in the forum). I bought the unit in Oct 12 so the warrantee has expired.
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