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  1. Guess what support told me its an hardware issue like I dont know it is.As almost 10 years line6 customer I strongly recommend you not to buy that ux2 product.or any other ones which has usb as power supply!
  2. Its not even close.I found 1 similar problem which was asked in a german forum for old model(red one). that also proves that its a sign of some malfunction.but I doubt that even support team has more knowledge than us as we have years of experience using these equipments.only a tech guy who knows the power supply system of ux can tell the probable cause. And I believe that xtlive will work till 2030s or even more :D
  3. I tried it in another computer too it didnt work exactly same result.It seems like hardware issue to me cause 1 min it was working without problem 1 min later its dead.even if it works again I am going to sell that garbage.I have xt live too which is 10 years old works like a clock. main problem is that usb power supply its so problematic.I have found the same problem in a german forum so its not the first time happening thing.I sent a support ticket I hope they can adress the problem.
  4. It was working 2 mins ago before cat touched.and it was very slight touch nothing that can cause damage.even with that I tried different cable but result is same.Monkey doesnt see it neither computer. it shows as undefined usb device.I have good computer knowledge I tried everything basic like updating drivers reinstalling them etc.However my idea is that fixed 24db means something.like there is no enough power or S.O.S
  5. I was playing guitar through my ux2,my cat hit the usb cable it went off and it didnt open again.please help me fix this.Everything was ok until that happened.now even I did restart my computer or reinstalled drivers it didnt work.Is it that easy turn into a garbage? I attached the picture of it after its plugged in no clip red light nothing except this.
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