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  1. Ok update 1 - Firmware: Updated the firmware to 2.00 successfully! 2- changed the speaker cable, just to be sure. no joy. 3 - Changed the preamp tubes - No joy, the tubes arent actually warming up or glowing... So after trying these things.. no joy :/ whats annoying is it seems the only australian service centre is in sydney. And i'm in melbourne, which is in a completly different state. is there some kind of melbourne service center?!
  2. Hey, I've never actually flashed the firmware of the DT50 Head - what is strange is i did flash the HD500 the day before this all went pear shaped. but the problem exists even with the HD500 not even in the equation. I Changed speaker cabling with the other guitarist who has a Spyder IV and it had no affect, i wish this was the issue. Preamp Tubes - Ok cool, i can see these are pretty easy to remove and put back in. neither of these were lighting up, and i have noticed there seems to be a black smokey looking ring on the inside between the metal and the glass.. normal? Power amp tubes - Yeah, these looked like serious bad boys. Thanks for the help, i'll post an update asap.
  3. Hi All, Love my DT50 Head and Cab combo. i use it in conjunction with the HD500 for gigs and so far i've been really happy with it. Except today! basically i set it all up as normal, and i found no sound was coming out of the amp. Having a look at it, i took the HD500 out of the equation and plugged in directly to the amp.. then changed the guitar, the lead, and the speaker cable, and still no sound :/ mind you, the DT50 lights up to show it has power, but it also appears that the valves at the back arent warming up. - I've also checked the fuse next to the power input and that appears to be fine. I'm not sure if its just a valve replacement that needs to happen here or whether there is a bigger problem.. any tips/troubleshooting i can take? if one valve goes out of the 2 power amp ones and 2 preamp ones, does this lead to problems like this? or can it run off 3/4 rather than the full 4/4?
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