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  1. Hey folks! I'm wondering here if is it possible to switch channels, reverb (on/off) and solo switch (on/off) on my Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier Recto-O-Verb via Pod Hd 500X via midi cables. My amp has a cable (I don't know if it's midi or not) directly connected to the footswitch pedal. My main idea is stop using the footswitch pedal and use only the pod to do the amp channel and features switching. Does anyone know how to set it up properly? What parameters should I send via POD to the amp? Best Regards, André
  2. I´d like to know if I can run a 1x12 cab loaded with a 50-watt 8ohm Eminence Legend GB128 thru my Line 6 DT50 without risk. Is it possible or will it blow the speaker? Sometimes I play live and crank the volume up, but I never get it to max volume, even though, I´d like to know if it´s safe to use this particular speaker with the DT50.
  3. Dear folks, Let´s see if anyone can help me out! I wish to have 3 or 4 peolple hearing what´s is being played on my POD HD 500x on headphones at the same time. Is there a way to do it? I wish to play a song on my guitar, and anyone who grabs a headphone here could hear it. Can I plug some equipment on POD´s headphones out, and then plug 4 headphones? Is it even possible? Thanks in advance, Andre
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