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  1. thanks, Uber Guru! then, it will not interfere with the asio driver of my USB audio interface (Steinberg UR22)? it will be just another one on the inputs window? so the USB is now officially an output? Do I have to take care to buy a new AMPLIFi 30 or it will just be needed to update it? excuse me for all the questions but you're an expert. I take the chance ;) thanks again!
  2. I've tried. Anyway, I've directly opened a ticket at the Support. I will share the answer here.
  3. that's good news, Gkf9. I work on Cubase or Reason on pc with windows 7 or 10. do you know if and how they can recognize the input? thanks a lot anyway for the answer!
  4. Hi, I was wondering about how I can record with the AMPLIFi 30, I'm going to buy. There's no output! I can use the headphones output, of course. But....... On the quickstart manual it's written the USB input is for future use........ may somebody help me, please? thanks a lot for any answer
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