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  1. So I had to drag out an old All-In-One PC (Non-HD guitar + macOS Sierrra not supported) I had stored to be able to use workbench with my old Variax 600 but it was worth it. Was able to make small to saignificant changes to a bunch of the models. The ease in which you can create custom turnings was great. Gig ready!! Next week, the trem set up
  2. Thanks Mark. Appreciate it. Workbench purchase shows up today but will not have time to set up the trem before gig this weekend.
  3. Found a 600 in mint condition that I couldn't pass up. It came with case, manual, tremolo arm and guitar. My questions are. . . . 1) I will be using it with an G50 wireless & Axe Fx direct to FOH and can create a preset for the acoutstic to have no amp and cabinet. Do I have an need at all for the XPS foot switch? No need to power the guitar and separate the signal for the acoustic. Not using an amp. 2) Can I plug an ethernet cable from the guitar to an ethernet jack on my thunderbolt dock for use with the Workbench application? (Looks like I'll need the $100 kit from Sweetwater!!) 3). Is this guitar as good as I think it is right now? I like the physical playability, neck & action and it sounded pretty good with the presets I have currently. I would like to gig with it in a few weeks. 4). Any tips on setting the tremolo up? Should i approach it similar to my Strat? Are they pretty stable in tuning or should I make it a hard tail? Should it swing freely as it is now? I kinda heard it through the piezo when it moved. Thanks for any advice you can offer Paul
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