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  1. There is an effect on my pod xt live i use called tape eater. I keep the xt around JUST for that effect. I see that line 6 has not included that effect in any of their new products nor is it available in a compact pedal. What im wondering is, would line 6 make the coding for this effect available to download to the DSP dev kit? I've no idea how to write code to achieve this sound, and im perfectly satisfied with the existing tone, no need to edit it. I just hate having to lug around the huge xt live JUST for 1 effect because its too big to fit on my pedalboard.
  2. So, I purchased another xt live on ebay after my original was stolen. I downloaded line 6 monkey, updated the firmware, got the new effects and wahs from version 3, but can't seem to find the new amp models. I went through the forums and found that someone had a similar issue where he got the amps but not the wahs. So, I "re-installed" the firmware again just in case I did something wrong the first time...still no new amp models. Any suggestions?
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