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  1. Thank you so much , going to try it
  2. I want to know if I can Play my guitar Signal to one Amp and send a Second Signal to a Bass Amp? I want to be able to play Guitar and my Note double out to a Bass Amp or Tone…Faking a Bass, I have seen a few other artists do this I think Can anyone help? Thanks
  3. Thank you to both of you guys, Uber Guru you were correct that is exactly what I was doing, I did it the way you said, start FSA and Stopped FSB then disengaged the looper and picked my Solo patch and it works great. Thanks So If I use the tuner it will erase my last recorded loop? ..... Thats nice to know. All I'm doing is, my Brother is a Drummer so I can now record a Bass loop via my guitar patch (sound like a Bass) :) then he can lock into that and we can Jam Thanks Guys
  4. I saw a post on this but never saw the answer. I can go into loop mode, record a loop, disengage the looper and pick a preset, but it still records my new riff over the yop of the riff i played when I had the looper engaged? All I want to do is Record a Bass Riff and let it cycle over and over Then switch to a preset guitar solo patch and play over the Bass riff without the pre recorded Bass riff changing to the tone of my guitar solo patch? Does this make sense? Thanks for any help. Chris
  5. Any suggestions on how I would set the HD500 to toggle between 2 Amps with the Switches and use the Top row for the effects? I had an XTLive and did not like using 3 different Patches A:Clean B:Distorted Rhythm C:Solo I would like to Somehow Toggle,say A: Clean/Distortion Then use the top FS buttons for effects on and off Then B: Different Amp Clean/Distorted top FS toggle effects on and off Is this possible or is there and easier way? Thanks For advice everyone.
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