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  1. I've been using a combo of my HD500x and some analog pedals that I feed into the front end of the pod. It started as a way to offload some effects to free up the dsp within the pod, but it has rapidly grown into an obsession with adding more and more analog pedals. I love the flexibility of the pod. It's one of the reasons why I never felt compelled to buy an amp. But now I have enough pedals that I want to diversify a bit. I want to split the pedals up into a main board and a practice board. I'll keep the Pod on the main board with a few analog pedals, but since I don't have an amp, it leaves my practice board lacking. I considered buying a second HD500X, but I'd like to simplify things for the practice board, so I think I only really need an amp sim, preferably one that doesn't take up too much board real estate. Would something like the Pod HD desktop be worth it, or is there a better alternative that you guys might recommend? Since I primarily hook straight to a PA or an FRFR, I'd prefer something with an XLR or some sort of balanced output. Any suggestions?
  2. I reset the Pod back to Factory settings, then copied back down all my patches. So far so good. Volume seems to be holding steady.
  3. My HD500x is having a strange issue where the longer I play, the quieter it gets. For instance, last night we were having a band practice and after about half an hour, my bandmates started to notice that my guitar was getting quieter. So I turned up my channel on the PA, but after a few more minutes it was getting quiet again. Switching patches seems to remedy the problem for a while, but after about half an hour, it goes back to losing volume. Some things I noticed: - The volume issue was not specific to one single patch - Switching to any other patch restores volume. I can even switch to another patch and then immediately switch back to the original patch. - Setting all the knobs to the extremes did not make a difference. - Powering the Pod off and then back on did not correct the problem I think I am going to try a firmware reset tonight. Is there anything else I should try?
  4. Hurghanico, Those tones are amazing. I came across them a few months back and I have been using the Hammond and Church Organ tones regularly ever since. I play primarily in my church band, and we don't have a keyboard player, so we have been lacking those types of tones. We have multiple guitarists, so I have taken to playing less traditional guitar parts on some songs. I've been using a combination of the Hammond, Church Organ, and some string like pad sounds, but our musical director was interested in adding some brass parts to our songs. I tried altering some of those tones, but i didn't have much luck. I tried adding a fuzz type sound, since I had read about people using fuzz to simulate brass, but in my attempts it came out just a distorted mess. Can you elaborate on the sawtooth waves?
  5. As the title says, I'm looking for some decent tones to emulate some brass sounds. I've tried toying around with various settings, but I don't even really have any good idea of where to begin.
  6. Help me spend my money: What are the main differences, apart from the physical size, that I should consider when choosing between them? Or is there a better option for the same price?
  7. I recently have been expanding my pedal collection to use in conjunction with my pod. One of my recently acquired pedals is an overdrive with a buffered bypass. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the whole buffer vs true bypass debate, but I never see anyone mention it in practical terms with how it related to using a pod specifically. I really love the sound of the pedal, but I wasn't sure how using the buffer affects the Pod, if it affects it at all. Specifically I am looking at some configuration options, i.e. how best to set up my pod settings with the buffered pedal in mind. Here are a few questions I have specifically, but I would appreciate any general advice that is related that you can provide. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. 1. I plan to use the pedal first in the chain, but would it be better to go between the guitar and the pod, or should I put it in the fx loop and set the fx loop as the first effect in the chain? 2. How does the Guitar In-Z setting affect this? My basic understanding leads me to think this setting is serving the same function as a buffer, since it basically controls the impedance level of the guitar. If this is acting as a buffer, then how would it interact with the buffer in the overdrive pedal? Does one negate or nullify the other? Does this have a bearing on the order from question 1? 3. In my setup, I usually send the signal out mono XLR to the PA, but occasionally have to send out mono 1/4 to a PA. Does the pod buffer those signals, or would it help to add a buffer after the pod? Or would the buffer in the overdrive pedal be enough?
  8. Wow. That is really bad then. I like to practice along with songs from my iPod. Even with the iPod turned all the way up, the mp3 input volume is incredibly low compared to my guitar. I guess I could set all my tones to have a considerably lower volume, but that feels ridiculous. Why change hundreds of tones, when I should be able to change just the mp3 input? I thought maybe I had changed some setting that was causing this, so I tried a brand new pod that had never been opened and the volume difference between the mp3 Input and the built in effects is a big problem.
  9. Is there a way to adjust the volume of this input?
  10. As the title says, I want to get a floor pod model, but I need advice on which one. Here's some backstory for context: I play a lot in church and my amp is a big no-no. They are pretty strict about having as little stage volume as possible. The drummer has to play an electric set and there are no stage monitors. Everyone uses in-ear monitors. Primarily, I play my electric, but sometimes Bass or acoustic if the other musicians cant make it. The Floor Pod Line looks quite appealing for ease of setup and functionality. I was looking at purchasing the HD500, when I learned about the upcoming HD500x. So I decided to wait. But glancing around different forums, it seems that there isnt much difference in functionality. It seems the biggest change is in DSP. My dilemna comes from not really understanding the whole DSP thing. I get that it is basically the limit of the processing power and that some effects use more of it than others. I get the theory behind it, but I can't grasp how it works in practice since I dont have one to actually play around with. I am also not opposed to the other Floor models, i.e. the HD300, HD400, XTLive, or X3Live. My thought process was just to get the "best" available, but if one of the others will meet my needs, then it would help me save some money to put towards other gear. The trouble is that I am finding it hard to realistically figure out which one, if any will meet my needs. I installed the HD500 Edit software to play around with, but I think it is a bit useless without the actual unit to test. I tried setting up the software with unrealtistic fx chains to try and reach the dsp limit in an effort to better understand the limit, but I never hit the limit. I tried over and over. Dual amps, with 8 different reverb effects, still didnt hit the limit. I tried every crazy fx chain I could think of, and never hit the limit. I am left to conclude that without an actual unit to play around with, the software was pretty useless. I dont know, maybe I am just doing something wrong. Realistically, I dont want to use a crazy effects chain though. I usually prefer simple set ups. But lately we are playing songs that use lots of delay effects with different settings, and I dont always have time to change all the settings on the fly. So being able to have multiple delay effects in the chain, is very appealing to me. Basically, my dream setup contains: -Amp Sim with nice clean tone (I am not attached to any particular amp model, and single amps are fine, though I am intrigued by the dual amp possibilities) -Reverb -Chorus -Light Overdrive or Distortion for rhythmn tones -Overdrive or Distortion for Lead tone -Light delay for lead tone -Dotted Eighth Delay -Quarter Note Delay -Volume Pedal I would also want presets for acoustic and bass as well, but I dont really use any effects on those, and I would never need to use the electric, bass, and acoustic at the same time. But thats kind of a dream setup. I will downsize it any way I need to. Basically, I am intending to purchase a floor pod and just want to get the one that meets my needs the most. Can anyone help me please?
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