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  1. Did you maybe had a chance to check the range with G10 transmitter and G50 receiver?
  2. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B000068O45/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/6-35mm-MONO-Jack-Male-Plug-to-Female-Socket-Right-Angle-Adapter-90-Degrees-1-4-/361613820199
  3. Hello, long time ago someone on this forum said that G30/50... transmission range depend of receiver(maybe i am wrong) . I wondering is ti possible to combine G10 transmitter with G50 receiver(i own both systems -G30/50) and get better range? Since i am violin player small G10 would be perfect, but 50 foot range its a no go for me. Thank you.
  4. Maybe right angle adapter can help
  5. As a violin player i am happy to see small compact transmitter .I am only disappointed with 50 foot range :( but at least no more velcro ,zip ties :) .... I cant find specification ,anyone knows what is G-10 input impedance or is it G10 transmitter compatible with G30/50 ? Thx.
  6. I ordered part 97-000-0023 from Line 6 Canadian distributor (Yorkville) and for $15.99(+tax) i get guess what .... only battery door :wacko: as described in their email .No chassis,only small batt. door! Obvious under this part no. they don't have complete chassis .What now? Instead to order part from local Line 6 distributor i have to order from USA. Best thing is that ordered parts is non-refundable :angry:
  7. Hello everyone, i looking to buy complete plastic enclosure(attached pic) for the Relay G30 .On US website I found also part number (97-000-0023) but when i asked Line 6 distributor here in Canada they described this part number as "Battery Door w/Latch " I am confused now ,is it 97-000-0023 only battery door or whole plastic enclosure ?? Thank you
  8. you see,i told you G50 its excellent :))) .Thank you,now for acoustic violin i use G50 in the same way http://goo.gl/oT3Ggu ,just looking for some convenient way .I like to make small experiments... i think i found a solution.Well see...
  9. When i play violin i am not often on stage,sometimes on completely opposite side.My idea was to be absolutely free and everything on the board-preamp/eq/wireless.I know that i can use transmitter as pickup buffer...i made already one electro-acoustic violin with pre/eq inside( http://goo.gl/BwP5bG http://goo.gl/RtKDTx ) and i use Relay G50 attached to the violin. For my next project i want to use different pickup, eq on top of violin and preferably wireless inside of violin.For now only probl its wireless.As i said i can simple buy Samson AirLine and get rid of cables & Velcro but after many Shure,AKG...systems for my violin i am extremely happy with Line6 . For EQ i choose JOYO EQ505( http://goo.gl/KYAF4E ) ,i know its not maybe best solution and is not the best choice of EQ frequencies but this is smallest unit that i could find on internet with Vol control and even 5-band eq(+ tuner).I tried it already with G50 without problem and i got decent sound. Well see,for now i waiting for new pickup . All the best .
  10. Thank you,so my only option is additional battery or Samson Airline maybe.Well see.... Regards.
  11. Hello, i know maybe strange questions but...can i run TBP06 on 9v battery? I am violin player i've been using G50 two years already....very happy with sound,excellent system, but i am tired of velcro,cables ....I'm trying to make my "dream" violin-Preamp/eq/wireless ,everything on board.I want try to disassemble TBP06 and put electronics inside of my violin.Since i already have 9v battery for preamp on board i wondering can i use same battery to run transmitter? Thank you.
  12. Thx,all other channels are ok except 7 but anyway i planning to add probably Headway EDB .Still happy with G50,i wish to see from Line6 something small /compact, like Samson Airline guitar jack .It will be very useful for violin players. Regards
  13. Solved,sorry for bothering. Seems like channel 7 doesn't like violin pickup .When i changed channel everything is ok.
  14. Hello everyone, i am violin player and using G50 wireless system.Everything was fine but now i have a small weird problem....if i plug violin (Barbera pickup)to G50 wireless system i get some crackling noise on E strings in background.In first place i thought it was problem too hot preamp or pickup but no,if i plug pickup straight to sound card crackling disappear. First part of recording is PU trough preamp to G50,second without preamp straight to transmitter and third- pickup straight to sound card. Thx in advance! Regards. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/85893160/Barbera%20crackling%20-%20Output%20-%20MR816X%20Out-1_2.wav
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