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  1. Preface - This worked for me with my POD HD Bean / Windows 7 Pro x64 I've received this error recently, as well as a separate error that was related to MIDI (which is a connection I'm not even using). Anywho, I've been googling like a mofo the last few days desperate to find the fix... Found a random thread where someone (forget the name) suggested: 1. Have your POD connected to your PC via USB (make sure it's a USB connection that is on your motherboard, not a hub, and, I think, it should be a 2.0 port, NOT 3.0. 2. Power off your POD. 3. Hold down the LEFT directional pad of the navigation button (right-center of your POD bean, has "ENTER AMP & FX ON/OFF" on the top and "DBL PRESS TO ASSIGN CTL MOVE" on the bottom), and while holding down the LEFT arrow/button, power on your POD. 4. You won't see *any* indications that anything has happened or changed, but now open up Monkey and, if you are lucky like me, you will now see that your firmware is recognized. Mine was already up-to-date, but if yours isn't, you should now be able to update it without issue. I was initially having an issue where none of my hi-gain presets sounded like, well, hi-gain, but rather they all sounded like AC-DC, and I had to MESH the life out of my stings to get any tone. Tried to fix it by rolling-back the drivers for both USB and Flash, and then ended up getting this error when I tried to re-update my Flash. This fixed both of my issues. I certainly can't guarantee this will work for you, but since it worked for me (when NOTHING else would), I had to share it on here since I've seen lots of folks having this same stupid error. Best of luck folks, -Shaun
  2. Hello All, I've had my HD Bean for about 2 years now. Today I plugged in to jam and noticed that my normal presets are not playing properly. My signal chain is Guitar --> Bean --> LA-610 --> Scarlett 2i2 --> PC via USB. I've been using this setup for about a month (a year or so if you take out the LA-610). Initially I couldnt get ANY tone whatsoever, but then I heard a *little* sound when using a hi gain preset, although I had to MASH the strings, and even then it sounded like it had half the gain of an AC-DC song (this was a dual rectifier tone). So to eliminate the Focusrite and the LA-610 I disconnected everything and plugged my headphones into my POD, same deal. I just reset both the flash memory AND the firmware back to 1.0, and it's still doing the same thing. Basically no hi gain tones work at all, they just sound absolutely weak as hell. Obviously I ensured my guitar tone/volume knobs were all the way up. It's doing this on my ESP (active pickups) and my SG (passive pickups), as well as my Jazz Bass (passive pickups). The "cleanish" presets on the POD do produce tone, but it's quite a bit *weaker* than what it should be, and hi gain tones are just garbage. I'm thinking my POD is dying. I didnt change anything settings-wise since the last time I played, when everything sounded fine. Any help is greatly appreciated! ***EDIT to add that right now I can use my POD as my interface (USB into PC). While my guitar tones sound like lollipop, all other audio plays perfect (itunes, youtube, games, etc). *** ***EDIT number two to update that I've just attempted to update my flash memory from 1.0 to 2.62 and I'm getting: "Error code 80007211 Firmaware update timed out waiting for response from the device. Try the update again, making sure the cables are still connected.". Sigh... Shaun
  3. clement, Right now I've got decent results: Instrument -->POD [guitar in] --> POD Out [headphone] to LA610 [HI-Z IN] --> 610 Out [balanced LINE] to Sapphire 2i2 --> Out to DAW I'm using a TRS cable to connect the POD's headphone out to the 610's HI-Z. I know the HI-Z is unbalanced (as is the headphone out on the POD), but I've learned the the PODs headphone out should use TRS. I don't have any hiss/hum/static/etc with this signal chain, and so far it's given great results. Do you see any room for improvement there? I'm always open to suggestions. Thanks!
  4. Folks, Just need a quick answer...I'm looking *specifically* for the headphone output on my HD Bean. Is that output balanced or unbalanced? Is it one or the other dependant on what is connected to it (TS / TRS)? Searching here and googling it essentially gives me mulitple answers. Thanks! Shaun
  5. Hey Folks, Preface - Forgive me if I'm in the wrong section! Also, tried a few searches but couldnt quite find what I was looking for, and the manuals I have don't really explain if what I'm trying to do is possible, so bear with me. I have a POD HD Bean which is doubling as my PC soundcard/audio interface. I connect via USB to my PC and record that way into SONAR. POD's L/R outputs are going to my monitors, and the POD headphone OUT is feeding my regular PC speakers. I've been doing it for years, no concerns, all is fine. However... I recently convinced my wife to let me purchase a Universal Audio LA-610 MK II. Problem is, I'm not entirely sure how (if at all), I can incorporate it into the signal chain with what I've got. The LA610 has a HI-Z input on the front, and on the back a balanced XLR LINE input, MIC Input, and a balanced XLR LINE output. You guys know what the POD has. I want my signal path to be instrument --> POD --> LA610 --> DAW. The problem is, since the POD is ALSO my interface, I don't know that I can re-route BACK into the POD from the LA610. Connecting the LA610 to my PC directly wont work bacause 1, I don't have a legit soundcard (onboard audio), and 2, I'm not even utilizing it anyway because of the POD. So here is what I am curious if is possible: Guitar/Bass --> POD [Guitar Input] --> POD Headphone OUT --> LA610 Front panel HI-Z In --> LA610 Balanced Line OUT --> POD MIC XLR IN --> POD USB OUT to PC. Here is what I *think* is wrong with that setup: 1. I don't think it is possible to route the MIC IN on the POD to the L/R and USB outputs while routing the guitar IN to the headphone OUT. 2. I believe the POD headphone OUT is balanced, and the HI-Z input on the LA610 is unbalanced so I don't think that is workable? 3. *IF* number 1 above IS possible, I can possibly reroute the POD headphone OUT to the balanced XLR LINE IN on the back of the 610. For those who are savvy with this stuff, how much difference would it make to place the LA610 BEFORE the POD in the signal path? I don't think that is really how it's intended to work though, and I know the path itself has a huge impact on the tone. I'd really prefer to go POD first, then LA610. If what I'm trying to do isnt possible, would I need some sort of alternative interface? Like a cheap Focusrite scarlett or similar, which would act as my interface, and so I could then go Instrument --> POD --> LA610 --> [interface] --> PC? Would that be correct? Any help you guys can provide is GREATLY appreciated! Shaun
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