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  1. I have a battery powered Busking rig and I'd like to add one of my Variax guitars to the rig. I'm looking at using a battery pack that has 9VDC and 12VDC outputs. I think I can use the 9VDC output to power the Variax. My idea is to make a box with a TSR connector to go to the variax with these connections: Sleeve - Ground(Power and Guitar Signal) Ring - 9VDC Tip - Guitar signal A TS connector for the output of the circuit Sleeve - Guitar Signal Ground Tip - Guitar Signal A connector for the 9V Battery pack connected to both grounds and the ring of the TRS connector for the guitar. Has anyone done this before? I'd rather check the feasibility before I just go for it. I'd hate to jack up one of my Variax guitars. I'm attaching a schematic I worked up Thanks for any assistance!! Dave Nyberg
  2. Do you have a part number for the battery you used? I'm interested in doing a similar battery mod. It should work for my 700AC, 700Bass and my 300Electric, right? Also, what would be a good charger for this battery pack?
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