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  1. I'm trying to set up my HX Stomp so I can do either Preset Up and Down or Snapshot Up and Down from FS 4 and FS 5. I can make either Up (preset or snapshot) work, and they both work on either FS 4 or FS 5. Neither Preset Down nor Snapshot Down will work on either footswitch. I just can't make my feet successfully do FS 1 + FS 2 or FS 2 + FS 3, so I need to assign those functions to FS 4 and FS 5. I have 2 HX Stomps, one is ver 3.11, one is still 2.65, same situation on both. I have 2 external footswitches, both are Mission TT-2s. I've tried both TRS cables and TS Y-cords. Same results with all possible combinations. Anybody have a solution or a workaround? Thanks
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