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  1. Hmm.. maybe I'll take it apart and give the toggle switch a good cleaning with some contact cleaner. If I need to replace the switch, I would suspect anyone would do - a standard 5 way ? Thanks for the info Steve
  2. Hey all... Anyone ever come up with a fix for this ? I have a Variax (out of warranty) and I have seen a big increase in the model switching on its own in the last little while. It has always been there but in the last year or so, it has gotten worse. This happens when using the VDI cable and even the standard cable and box.. I have shielded the coffin with Electrical tape (earlier) suggestion and I have had no luck. Its at the point now where I cannot even play it because of the constant model switching. Any advice??? I do have a registered re-seller in town that I could take it to. But in all honesty, the folks there are not to bright and have botched up another guitar service call which resulted in having to get another tech to service it. Thanks in advance. Steve
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