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  1. Line 6 support ticket answer “The amp should be alright for use as long as it does not appear to be acting strange.†I love when a company actually gets back to you. Thank you Line 6! Ok so I’ll leave this post alone. But am still just wandering if anyone has a recalled serial # DT and it never acted up and they never bothered will the fix? I cant be ampless for 3+ weeks and she plays/sounds perfect. I might just stick it out til/if something arises.
  2. Ok so the word came down That my serial number on my (new to me) DT50 112 is in fact a unit with a possible faulty power section. Which I am fine with as I just picked it up used form GC for a killer price and the fix is on the house. Bulletin 59 I believe it is. My question is this. The amp works and plays great now and I wont be able to get it in till after the holidays anyway. Can I continue to crank it up every night as long as it shows no signs of problems? I dont want to damage anything more internally but I would assume I can play it till it fails, no? Anybodies input with info on this or experience with the same deal would be greatly appreciated. By The way I have read most of the posts about this issue, just didnt know if the bulletin mentioned to get it serviced asap or kinda keep rippin it til it goes. Thanks.
  3. Good advice also Stumblinman! I did just that early today. Built my clean tone around top Iv instead of I so there was alot going on with amp when switching. Both pieces of advice were helpful. Thanks boys!
  4. Wow Wolbai thanks a ton. I am very proficient with the patch set up so I understand everything you meant and have done it. And what you said makes sense. Channel B is standalone only. I can live with that. I guess I just figured that most would be running a POD with this set up. And B seems useless. Technically it is. But I guess if anything ever fizzles out on Channe A I can configure my main signal path to run through B, kinda like a back up. HMM maybe. I dont run things to crazy so I dont need it. But you really helped me with the ABCD-FS switch mode idea. I didnt even think there would be a difference. I am gonna switch to the FS 5-8 mode now and try it. I bet thats the difference I was lookin for. NICE! Really lovin this set up. Thanks again.
  5. Ok so im just getting use to the HD500 and DT50 combo. Love the whole deal but I am confused about a couple of things. First off I am very use to set ups like this ie:digital effects,tube amps, settings and such so if I missed something this is gonna sound like a dumb question. Whats the point of having 2 channels on the Dt50? All of my amps route through A. If I am running dual tones and switch to B there is no tone (cuz the main signal path is again A) I cant set up one Patch to be amp A and the next be amp B, which is what I wanted to do basically so my heavy tone on A would have a certain amount of reverb and my clean tone on B would have more. I of course can add the revervb on the hd500. Or use a footswitch and HD500 for effects only but Im back to basics stepping on 2 pedals to switch from clean/dirty. Am I making any sense? Just dont see what to use amp B for. Someone explain please My brain could be toast this morning. Also all that aside when switching the patches on the POD from clean to dirty there is a lot of momentary delay and it is not smooth. Anyway to clean that up? In a tight transition on stage form clean to dirty it is almost no good how lunky the patch switch is and im not talkin about volume either as I have that set well. Sorry to drop these big questions on you boys, its been a tough weekend! ha!
  6. Very true. I think I will update asap. Hooked up the HD500 today. Wow. Nothing like a great tone to motivate you to play for 2 hours straight. This amp is Rippin!!
  7. …Wow!!! I am thrilled already. Havent even hooked up the HD 500 yet and I am playin it solo and loving it. Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents as a newbie. I do have 2 questions though. 1) I tried to update to V2.0 with an older midi/usb cable. Didnt work but I dont really care about the update since I will be running it with HD 500, except for the reverb spillover. Is that worth buying a new midi set up? 2) Any suggestions on a good 2x12 cab to run under it? Just wanderin what people are using out there. Would def. love to ad 2 more speakers to this set up.
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