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  1. im running High Sierra and Garageband 10.3.2. I have the Toneport ux2 with the latest drivers along with pod farm 2. Garageband is set to use the UX2 as both input and output. I can choose from 4 inputs from the Toneport when setting up a new track. All i want to do be able to do is map : INPUT 1 as MIC 1 INPUT 2 as MIC 2 INPUT 3 as INSTRUMENT 1 INPUT 4 as INSTRUMENT 2 So that when I add a new track, I can simply select the input # and start recording from that input. But I can't seem to actually change these assignments. Right now, for some reason, input 1, 2 and 3 are all the same input (guitar instrument input on the Toneport) while only 'Input 4' is Mic. Why is that??? In fact it doesn't even seem to follow what it says in the midi/Line 6 settings. Am I missing or doing anything wrong here? I'm *not* trying to record multiple inputs at once. I just want to be able to switch inputs properly on different tracks. Just seems bizarrely counterintuitive right now. I tried this in REAPER daw as well and it does the same thing (input 1,2,3 are all instrument and only input 4 is the Mic).
  2. UX2 was working fine until the creators update. now i dont hear anything except random popping sounds. uninstalled and reinstalled drivers to no avail.
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