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  1. Hi, I did a quick search and didn't get any responses for Abelton or Live in this forum. I have the Helix Native installed and no matter what I did I couldn't see Helix Native in Plug Ins. I can see my Echo Farm install and it worked. Just out of curiosity I copied the DLL and removed the "(x64)" from the name so that the name of the DLL is "Helix Native.dll" and then restarted Ableton Live 10 and is was in the Plug In folder and could be used. I'm sure this is a problem with Ableton Live 10 and filenames, but just in case anyone else was trying to us Helix Native in Live 10 I thought I would tell what I found. If for some reason my searching skills sucked and this is a known issue, I'm sorry. PS This is Windows 10 platform.
  2. As I stated in my question all other factory presets are set to multi, this one is *not* ... is it because it is an error in the firmware or because I installed or didn't rebuild the presets correctly ... I know how to get it to work, I am wondering why it isn't set correctly to begin with.
  3. Not trying to disable it and I understand that making changes should make it present. But if you switch away without saving and then switch back it *should* be gone. it *never* goes away on certain presets with 30D being one of them. Even without a guitar hooked up or the editor connected. The E is permanent and I would like to know if the firmware is not installed correctly or there is some other way to reset besides pressing 5 and 6 on start. I
  4. Hi Everyone, I apologise if this is easily discovered, but I looked through the 2.0 manual and did do a quick search and can find info on "Saving" but I can't find info on "getting rid of the * or E on display. - I installed the 2.0 firmware on my Helix Rack (Windows 10 host) - I pressed buttons 5 & 6 while turning on the power and cause presets to get built. - When the helix finally boots there are certain presets that by default have the "E" and if I switch away and come back the "E" stays persistent, but any changes do get reverted. - Also I went to listen to 30D Bae B Metal and there is no sound, did figure out that the default input is Guitar and not Multi like the other presets. I only have Variax hooked up so then no sound. My questions are: 1) How do I get rid of the * or E ? 2) Did I not install the firmware correctly? Or is it that 30D really needs the input switched if one is not using the Guitar input? Thanks! Tony
  5. According to the MF customer service person I just had the "pleasure" to speak to, MF is getting 2 rack units on 12/30 and the 15 rack units on 2/19. And they will not change the price. I cancelled the order.
  6. Hi, I saw the thread about the price adjustment for the rack and checked my Musicians Friend order to see if they updated the price. My preorder price is still $1499.99 but they did update the expected ship date to February!
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