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  1. Hi guys! I'm connecting the unbalanced output to the front of an amp, and then connecting the usb port to my laptop, but the sound i'm getting from the computer such as songs and DAW's is only the left or right side of the spectrum. My question is: is there a way to send both signals in one of the outputs?
  2. Hi there! I'm about to build a rig, and i was thinking going from thePOD HD 500X to a Crown XLS1000, to two 2x12 cabs with vintage 30's. Having a dunlop wah, and an ernie ball volume pedal, and start adding some other pedals if I wanted, like a JP chorus, or an Ibanez TS9. What do you think about the setup? Will it sound any good? I play progressive metal :D and looking forward to playing live a lot, in small but also medium size gigs
  3. Well, I have a ibanez gio and had a pod hd 400 but it got screwed! No other pedals, or amp what so ever, i have a marshall 15w with reverb. My dad is travelling to USA so he's bringing me a musicman JP12 7string which I always dreamed of. Now I have to get a new effects processor, Axe fx is out of reach... so I don't know if going for the POD HD 500X, and maybe some other pedals like a dunlop wah wah, and a ernie ball volume pedal. My budget is 1k... so 500 would go to the pod... Have any suggestions? I play progressive metal (dream theater, circus maximus, symphony X, between the buried and me, opeth and all that crap)
  4. so that works for no gaps in the change of presets?
  5. so... you can choose an amp like you would choose an effect? with one of the footswitches?
  6. I mean if i want a bit of spring reverb, with my tredplate, a phaser, delay, a screamer....
  7. have you ever encountered problems with the DSP limit?...
  8. I didn't know that, thought you could have your amp + 8 effects..
  9. but you can have them turned off... but selected... kind of adding all the effects to a chain but just have some on and some off and turn them on when you like
  10. so i cannot have my full amp with, reverb, delay, chorus and some other stuff at the same time?
  11. sorry for the ignorance, but I don't know what it is :D
  12. but i have some questions, how can you separate the power amp from the preamp if you are using a head... why are you using a DI box?...
  13. I will have 2 separate settings . 1 for my house with the pod plugged into some krk speakers and live with a bugera 333xl head
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