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  1. I didn´t knew this product and I can´t understand why I never heard of it. It seems to be an excelent alternative. Thank you very much hurghanico.
  2. I´ve seen them all. Nome of them compares both of the products (Line6 and Yamaha). I still think that line6 is the leader in AMP simulators... but then again i´m ready to change my mind.
  3. I just find out that Line6 bought Yamaha. I guess that now I can nominate the product I was talking about: Yamaha THR100HD. It´s a very cool product with everythin that i need from a digital AMP. The main thing now is to find out if it sounds as good as the Line6 AMPS. As anyone tried it already?
  4. THanks for the suggestion, but it doesn´t work for me. No effects Loop and i´m trying to get back to my old classic pedalboard (tyred of menus and edit save buttons)
  5. You are right my friend. But 300 and 400 are discontinued. I like the 400 because it has a effects loop and i´ve been trying to find it online, but the other product from Yamaha is a little better i think. I mentioned the Helix because it looks easier to manipulate the effects and menus. I miss my old classic pedal board with ALL the effects parameters on sight and not hidden in menus. I sold it to buy my 500. Not sorry, but I miss the old ways...
  6. I love and use many of Line6 Products especially because of the sound quality on the amp simulators. Presently I owe a PODHD500 but I find it a little confusing some times to tweek the amp setting, especially in live gigs (If Helix wasn´t so expensive, I would buy it now). I posted that before: please consider making a product that focusses only on the amps and some basic effects. A more compact unit, easy to carry and that allow us to direct plug into a mixing table (to do live gigs) and/or a Audio interface (to do recordings) and without the complication of having to deal with menus and sub menus. As a amateur musician I would love a product like that as I don’t want the harassment to carry and manage the maintenance of tube amp. Recently a competitor of Line6 lauched the perfect product (I don´t know if I’m allowed to mention it here) but I’ve worked with the line6 simulators for so long that I don´t want to change brand (plus I don’t ´know if the simulations is as good as line6 products). What do you guys think of this? Do you agree? Or is it just me that thinks this way?
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