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  1. That sounds great, I'm glad you like it. Don't overlook the tones stored in the "amplifi" section of the remote. They have some great sounds. At first I did only tone matching but lately look into these tones and maybe if they need it just put more delay etc.. It's a shortcut to tweeking a sound from zero and after you can save it with a different name. Take care and glad you are enjoying it.
  2. Nice. Look forward to hearing from you and knowing your opinion. I'm looking at getting in the future an L2T and pair it up with An HD500x
  3. Great!! Your welcome. Just sharing my experience with the amplify 150. How's it going for you? Do you like it?
  4. Im referring specifically to the FBV MKII shortboard foot controller from Line 6. Everything you can do with the foot controller can be done with the iOS app. The only thing is with the iOS app you've got to stop playing to operate it and the foot controller you just step on it. In the app you can turn on and off effects for a specific patch but with the foot controller you always have the stomp, modulate, delay and reverb buttons you can turn on and off even if its in the specific tone or not. I like using this since with one specific tone I can press delay or stomp or modulate as the song needs it. If the delay for example or the modulator effect is not how I want it I can edit it with the app and then save it. In a live situation its easier for me to bank down and up, press ABCD depending on the tone I want for a specific song and then add delay or take it away for example or go from clean to stomp with a press of the pedal. I haven't used its capabilities with garageband yet, but Ive read you can control recordings with the foot pedal. All in all, the foot pedal just makes it easier to change effects and tones depending on a song or a part of the song. There is a youtube video about it.
  5. No. I stream songs from YouTube Red all the time so I can go back to the remote app and change something if I want to. The automatic tonematch only works with files that you have in your phone. Having said this, you can go to "Tones/cloud" and search manually by song or band name and get a bunch of hits unless it's a band no one knows. In that case I recommend you go to "Tones/amplifi" and browse the 100 preset tones you have on the amp. You can further modify these tones in the editor, add/change effects, cabinets, parameters and then save to the app or the amp. You can access these tones also with a fbv foot controller and bank down or up and then have of abcd in that bank. Regarding the volume it's plenty loud and I have used it for practice and gigs. Loud drummer, other guitarist and base......and I didn't need to even go to 25% of the volume. Even in gigs I have done it through a PA and without plugged in a PA and it was plenty loud. Sounds are terrific. If you want versatile in one place this does the job. Now.....I do have to say that playing pleasure of a cranked out tube amp is heaven and not comparable but the sound for a gig or practice is negligible. I can match any song perfectly or very closely. People that swear there is a huge sound difference are the same ones that say they can tell the difference from different brands of vodka. Got news for you.....it's impossible. Unless you are Russian and have been fed vodka since you were a baby you can't tell. Same as with tones. The 0.5% of people that can tell the difference are not in a bar saying that guitar would sound better through a tube amp. Nope. 99.5% of the people at the bar want you to sound rocking in order to have a good time. This accomplishes that easily.
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