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  1. eenymason, I connected the cable to a Bass Pod as you suggested I have with no luck, so I don't know what that proves? clay-man thanks for the tip I'll have to check out the coffin seating although my initial attempt to remove the pickguard failed as it sits to tight to the neck, so I'll have to unscrew the neck a bit :(
  2. It didn't work with batteries when it went wrong the first time, but I haven't checked it this time yet - thanks for the reminder.
  3. I purchased a sunburst 600 from Digital Village in the UK in 2010. All was fine until it went back after approx 8 months as there was no sound at all coming from the guitar. It came back in a couple of weeks working fine until about a year ago when the sound started cutting in and out and then once again no sound at all and that the input light stayed red when it used to turn green At this point infuriated with Line 6 I bought a Godin XTSA. I would like to get the 600 working again and would be grateful for some ideas on what might be wrong with it based on the experiences of others but also noting the following:- the power supply box is the same one that I've had since I bought the 600 (Red and green light version) The Planet Waves cable is as supplied with the guitar the 600 has only been played at home i.e ungigged. I do not want to go through another Line 6 service centre saga again (but this time having to pay!) Regards Mark
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