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  1. Thank you for your help. I've begun to explore the "inter-web" for all things MIDI.
  2. One final question, before I get my beauty rest. ;) All the files I have downloaded thus far (prior to now) are in MP3 format. Forgive me if it is obvious, but is there a simple way to convert them to MIDI? :unsure: Good Night
  3. WOW!!! That Bandstand tutorial was unreal. Unfortunately being in the obscurity of somewhere between beginner - Intermediate level, I think it is well beyond my needs. Man, I wish I started playing 30 years ago. Damn sports! C'est La Vive. That said, rather than continue to use Microsoft Groove Music player, which has served my purposes well-enough thus far, I am going to VanBasco as recommended. If I understand correctly, instead of trying to find a track I want to play, minus the guitar track (rhythm and/or lead) I can download the full version of the track and remove (mute) whichever portion I want when I want, i.e. lead one time through, rhythm the next, correct? If so, this is great at this stage of my learning and ability. For example, for songs like American Woman (the Guess Who) I can let the rhythm flow while I try the lead. Although, I really do like just grooving that songs rhythm too. ;) Meanwhile, for other songs on which I am trying to hammer down the rhythm, like Burnin for You, (BOC) I can mute rhythm and keep lead. I hope I have this correct. If not, I trust you will let me know. Thanks again for the advice and recommendations.
  4. Yikes! Those were the "old days" Thanks for responding.
  5. Thanks for the reply. although I'm uncertain what my computer uses for MIDI files, I have been doing as you suggest lately. It isn't as good as the old Line 6 service, but it will have to do, I suppose. Thanks again.
  6. 74 views, but not a single response. <argh>
  7. Hi - When I first starting using Line 6 as a beginner, probably 10 years ago, i found it very helpful. Specifically, using my UX1 interface, I could find a multitude of songs and could mute or enable the rhythm and/or lead guitar at my discretion so I could play along with or in place of as either track. Unfortunately, that paid service went away stating it wasn't profitable given the array of similar services. However, to this day, I've yet to find a very similar service. Sure there are some that have guitar tracks missing, like guitarbrackingtracks.com, but they are nearly as customizable as I recall Line 6 being. My question is, can anyone tell me what they are using in lieu of the former line 6 service which is more closely comparable? Even better, have I missed something and Line 6 is still providing this service under a new model? Kind Regards, Keith a.k.a. Atypical
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