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  1. Can someone tell me if the Blackstar HTV212 HT Venue Series 212 Guitar Amplifier Cabinet will work with my Spider IV HD150? Specs are as follows: Rear-mounted jacks allow the cabinet to be used in mono (160W RMS; 4 Ohms or 16 Ohms) or stereo (80W/Channel; 8 Ohms per). Inside, two 12-Inch Celestion 80 Watt loudspeakers give this cabinet its voice. The HTV-212 is uses a 2 x 12 design.
  2. Thanks appreciate your help. Found a 2 X 12 cabinet with these specs. Does htis look of for the Spider IV HD150? Saw a picture of the back of the cab and it has 2 stereo inputs at 8 Ohms each. Looks like a perfect match but I also want to make sure the Watts on the cab are ok too. Not that much over the 150 watts of the head. Tech Specs Configuration 2 x 12" Power Handling 160W Impedance 8 ohms stereo, 4/16 ohm mono Cabinet Type Straight Open/Closed Back Closed Construction Material Multi-ply Hardwood Mono/Stereo Both
  3. OK so the amp is a 150 watt so I guess the cabinet needs to be 150 watt. I read if the cabinet is a lot higher wattage than the amp then it could burn out the amp. How high can I go with cabinet wattage and it still be good? 150 watt minuimum whats maximum? BTW it says this about the amp in manual: "For the Spider IV HD150 and 150 Combo you can connect two 8 ohm speaker cabs for stereo output " SPEAKER OUTS / CLASS 2 WIRING RIGHT 8 OHMS LEFT 8 OHMS So with this understanding I need to find a cabinet with min 150 watts with 2 inputs of 8 Ohms each, right? Just need to know what the max wattage should be. Thanks for your help
  4. I own a Spider IV HD150 and use it with a Line 6 4 x 12 Cabinet. I want to get a 2 x 12 cabinet for the HD150 and would like to know what specs I need to look for before buying one. 1) How many watts should it be (Min/Max) 2) What should the Ohms be? 3) I have 2 line out that plug into my current 4x12 line 6 cab. I see that most 2x12 I look at if not all only have 1 input. How would I use that with the HD150? Do I only plug 1 of the output lines into the new 2x12 cab and not use the other? If so which line do I plug into the new 2x12 cab? If there is anything else I need to know please fill me in Thanks
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