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  1. Yeah, you could be right. If answer was "that never happened before, best if you get it to authorised service center so we can examine it", I would have not asked the estimate. But how the the reply was worded ("It's gotten to the point beyond self repair." & "will have access to information and me"), leads me to think they (Line6) know more than was said here. No big deal, but if it was costly repair in addtion to getting guitar to service center and back by courier, I'd rather know it before hand. E: To clarify, service link provided by Line 6 says, if I understood correctly, nearest service center is Germany -- I'm in Finland so that is a bit problematic.
  2. Thanks for reply! Can you give me any estimate what is wrong and how costly it will be? I am bit tired of trying to get this work properly -- I checked my support profile and my email archives and this is actually my third guitar (1. unusable neck -> 2. unusable tremolo -> 3. bricked main board and now this). And I cannot cut my losses at this point by selling it with good concience because it's not working properly. Thanks!
  3. I'm early adopter with red Korean JTV-69 and some bad experiences -- strings falling of the neck, tremolo not returning to tune due wiring and lastly it bricked when I updated to v2.0. All are taken care of, but after I swapped the motherboard virtual capo started to act up. F**c that and to closet it went. Well after some years now I will try to get it in working condition again, so my questions are: - Tracking of virtual capo is worse than it was when running v1.x, but b and g-strings are constanly half step of what intended, meanin if I try to make open E-tuning, I get E Bb G E B E. Sure it can be worked around by playing those two strings a fret above when assigning the tuning. And some random stuff. - Factory reset does not work anymore so I should do re-flashing. But last time I did that, I had change the circutboard. Is bricking (is that correct term?) still a problem? I checked that intonation is a bit off, but is close enough and should not be causing the problems . I do not have correct size wrench for intonation, is 0.050" hex correct size? I also tried to dampen any vibrations from headstock and tremolo cavity but it did not help. Any other ideas? Thaks in advance, Sampo from Finland
  4. Again, thanks! Small update -- I had some time with the guitar yesterday. I put hair band to dampen tremolo springs and other one to just behind the nut. I think that solved some volume problems with open e-string. Also noticed that virtual capo works a lot better if the strings are played really quietly. I think it means I probably have some fret buzzes. Needs more work but at least there is some progress (especially saddles).
  5. Thanks for replies everybody!! I meant that should single saddle, say high e-string, also follow radius or should the be arranged in steps that are at level with respect to bridge plate? I've read that saddles of Wilkinson/Gotoh-type bridges are meant to be at level, meanining both adjustement screws are set in similar heights. And furthermore both e-string saddles should touch bridge plate for optimal performance. I was thinking that maybe because they are now tilted I am getting weaker signal from pietzo and tuning problems. I don't know ...
  6. Hi from Finland! I getting back to my Variax JTV69 (actually my 3rd one...). I decided to quit it after I had to change innards and kind of lost interest. Now I've noticed (and I remember these were reasons to take break) that virtual capo tuning is way worse now than it was with previous guitars. It takes 3-5 times to get string to be at proper pitch. Intonation is pretty good, but I noticed that saddles are kind of radiused. Should they be perpendicular to the surface? I could not find correct allen wrench to make adjustments -- is 5/64 correct size? Thanks for help in advance! Sampo
  7. Thanks for the video !! Did you adjust the tone knob to sweet spot on 1.9 clips? I mean that in old version brightest tone is somewhere around 9 or 8 and LIne6 corrected this in HD versions. Basically I wonder if the brightness that I hear in new models is real? Thanks again!
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