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  1. Found the Solution. Instead of struggeling with CC an assigning Channelswitchung to Stomps on the Helix simply: 1. Select Snapshot by pressing Footswitch 2. go to Command Center 3. go to instand command and selcet Programm change 4. be shure to choose the right Midi Channel 5. Leave Bank (both) OFF 6. Select a Programm Number 7. Safe 8. Press footswitch of the Snapshot and Press Buttons (1-8) you want to assign to MKV on Gizmo 9. Press Write on the Gizmo 10. Done Do this for every single Snapshot with a !!! different !!!! programm number
  2. Hi there and greetings from Cologne, Germany, I run the Helix via 4CM using Mini Amp Gizmo into Mesa Boogie Mark V. Everything is fine, everythings works with Stomp switching. I Assigned the 3 Mesa Channels in Control Center to Foorswitches in Stomp Mode. Changing via Stomps works also fine. But: When I save Channelswitching in Snapshots (Snapshot 1 Clean, Snapshot 2 Crunch, etc.) assigning the "Stomp Clean" or Stomp Crunch to different Snapshots it doesn't work. After pressing different Snapshots the Channelsswitching is not as saved. I think the reason might be that the Channelswitching on the mesa in "interactive" (?) (When i press Channel 2, Channel 1/3 "goes off" (???)) Pressing the Footswitches in Stomp mode works, but the Lights (Lightring around Footswitch) is not korrekt. For Example: Clean Channel is active, than pressing Crunch -> Channelswitching works correctly but the lightring from Clean stays on. Thanks for any help. Tom
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