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  1. Hey everyone, I have been using my Amplifi TT through a good quality home stereo, and also (primarily) headphones, practicing at home, with great results. I usually take the TT with me to our "jamspace", and have been plugging into a Peavey Bandit with great results, utilizing the amp purely for volume/power, through a "clean" input. This amp may not be available for me much longer, and I have been looking at various options for playing with the band. As I am happy with the tones available from the TT, would it be a good solution to pickup a powered speaker (similar to a Thump12 Mackie or other), and leave it at the jam space? It seems silly to pay for an amp with processing, when all i need is the volume, but I am curious if anyone has tried it, and how the results have been? Any suggestions for brand/models (preferably around $400)? Regards Darryl
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