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  1. I am much obliged. If you ever happen to be in Cracow, I do owe you a beer. :) I bought a pair of studio monitors that shoud arrive anytime now so I will run some additional tests. Just to clarify things (hopefuly) I made a block diagram of what I am going for. We managed to get everything working except of those leakages. EDIT: I just did some test with my headphones. With all of the above settings I get no leakage at all when I am listening to a 1/4 output through my headphones.
  2. Okay, guys. I did some tests. To be perfectly honest - nothing helped. I still get those leaks, even without any mixer connected to my Helix at all. I have double checked my connections, DAW routing, cables etc. Whatever audio is sent from Reaper to Helix Output 1 ends up being played through my guitar cabinet. On the contrary, Helix Output 2 is completly flawless. Maybe there is something wrong with my setup that I can't see, but for you it will be obvious. Here is how I routed everything in Helix.
  3. Thank you very much for all of your suggestions. I will check every single setting once again. If the problem won't resolve I'll try to make photos of my configuration
  4. Thank you very much for your time! I honestly don't think it's mixer fault, because it happens even without any XLR cables connected. May I ask about the gain / master volume you were using while trying that out? On low gains it's not so noticeable, but still, I can imagine the frustration of an audio engineer trying to get rid of that clicks when I am going to send him or her either line output or miced cab signal. Just to clarify some things, my setup looks like this. Laptop with DAW (left panned clicktracks, right panned samples) -> Helix LT with USB 1/2 sends set to XLR only -> BOTH XLR outs to analog mixer -> 1/4" out to my poweramp.
  5. Did anyone else notice audio leaks from PC to 1/4' output, even when USB sends are set to XLR only? I am trying to send some samples and clicktracks to my band's analog mixer, but I keep hearing those samples (quiet, but still noticeable) in my guitar cab. Any ideas how to get rid off that leaks?
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