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  1. Does anyone out there have an AX2 for sale that is in really good shape, I have one I bought brand new in the late 90's and is still the best sounding amp I've had and i have had many different amps but line 6 needs to come out with the AX2 again, I've had Vetta's, Spiders, every other line 6 amp and none compare to this amp, Please reissue this amp Please, I know that's not gonna happen so if anybody has one they want to sell, text me at 423-488-8118, has to be in great shape and at reasonable price, mine still works but starting to have problems with it, it's the only amp I've used since i bought it, so with all the gigs and practicing, hauling it around in different environments, it has been through a lot and is worn out. Thanks I live in Chattanooga, TN
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