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  1. I know that this isnt the right place for this, but not sure where else to put it. As I mentioned in one other thread, I have loaded up my old KB37 and so far so kinda OK. One thing I noticed is that no matter what app I use, or virtual instrument, it wont let me play any chords - just one note at a time. A latency issue maybe? Any ideas?
  2. Hello folks, Reloaded my Gearbox and KB37 for the first time in years on my laptop. Of course, its all a bit out of date now. All the guitar presets work, but for some reason none of the bass presets are there any more. Is there a way to get them back? Where did they go? I have all my clean and crunchy and heavy guitar presets. Nothing for bass, and I swear there used to be some in the presets. What to do? Im loading it up to use Mixcraft (5).
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