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  1. NEW UPDATE I removed the brain from the amp. Everything looked ok, I tightened a few connections-particularly the green ground wire. I put it back together and the mystery buzz is gone.
  2. UPDATE Had a chance to use a new power source, guitar and cable. The problem is definitely the amp. YouTube research suggests maybe a ground problem? Only Line 6 authorized service in my area is so backed up they're only doing warranty work and mine is long gone. Any advice if I take this on myself?
  3. Bought this amp new about 6 years ago. It seems to have developed a hiss or static in the background. Not unplayable but noticeable. More so on some presets than others and also present when using headphones. Same cable and guitar I've used for years. I've tried a factory reset and used different outlets but problem is still there. Just looking for any suggestions before I decide if it's bad enough for me to pay to fix. Thanks
  4. I have a Spider IV 75 and a Shortboard. There are some song and artist amp settings that I want to put in my user bank and I'm wondering if there is an easy way to do it without figuring out the settings and manually putting them in.
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