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  1. you might also try this method instead of removing that rubber bumper totally... http://line6.com/support/topic/2686-pod-hd500-expression-pedal-adjustment/ G W
  2. Hi Guys , I too have had the famous " Hd500 expression pedal won't engage without tons of pressure problems." I have this pedal since a month after its release in Canada and LUVVV it EXCEPT for that one frustrating hassle. Finally I got fed up and decided to do something about it...and....O.M.G.!!!!!! It now works like a charm ! here is the easiest fix I've seen so far in any forum. ( feel free to correct me if you have found an easier or better one ) First off , DO NOT do this if your pedal is still under warranty , unless , your totally fed up with trying to get the pedal to function and want to try this trick in spite of the warranty. ( your Choice -your responsibility ) here we go............ :D - Put the pedal on your lap in front of you ( unplugged of course ). B) - Move the pedal to its farthest FRONT up position. B) - With a good light to see the under side of the pedal , notice just in behind of the actuator pole that there is a half-inch square RUBBER STOPPER.......if you depress the pedal downwards towards the foot board and look at that rubber stopper thru the side of the pedal , you will notice that it's THAT which comes in contact with the board first and so starts to impede further downward motion. - Soooooooooo :rolleyes: ...what I did was use a sharp knife and trimmed that rubber stopper about an eighth of an inch shorter and then tried the pedal contact SLOWLY and SOFTLY...and....VOILAAAA... Houston--we have CONTACT !!! :D On and Off , On and Off-- Red Light--Green Light ,On and Off , On and Off--Red Light--Green Light.....EASILY..with very little pressure now. - Ok so....you trimmed yours and now it works better but you now notice a small clicking noise when you use the switch.. :o .so.....maybe you trimmed off a little too much...No Problem...another easy fix.. - get some good quality electrical tape---yessss--you read me right---electrical tape... then....notice approximately on the board where that rubber stopper makes contact , now , put a small piece of the electrical tape sticky side DOWN in that exact spot...then try the pedal , then , if needed , apply another layer or so of the electrical tape until the clicking noise is gone like before or at least extremely diminished and the pedal is still easy to operate properly. - I was able to get mine to work now , every time with hardly any pressure at all and no clicking noise. Im in Luvvv all over again and deeper-woo hoo. Let me know if this trick works for you too A happy Hd500 owner again !!!! :D G W
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