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  1. Hey People, I would like to use the headphone signal for the FOH mixer but also use the speaker in the amp at the same time. Is it possible to disable the "Speaker out, if a plug is in the headphone socket" function? I actually use the headphone out with an DI to get the signal to the FOH mixer. but so, I have no sound on stage. Or is it possible to get the signal out, like the DI out in the Spider V 120 and higher? I think the electronic boards in the amps will not so different... Regards
  2. Hello there Spider V user. My problem: If I want to use the tab Switch to tab the delay time, it dosen´t work. Also if I use the swich on my FBV3. Is it an function, that can be disabled in the menu of the amp? Would like to get an answer quick, cause I use the feature very often. Regards, Andreas PS: The Spider App does work so bad and there is no Editor for PC. I hope the Line6 Team will change the missing things rapidly. It is so uncomfortable, using the amp at home without an PC editor. Also it would be helpfull, the USB Unit on the Spider can load the tab by using, cause it is impossible to use app and loading with a separat unit at the same time.
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