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  1. Thanks! Just wanted to make sure I there was not a better way.
  2. Good day! Just purchased the L2T to use a backline amplifier but also want to run the signal to the board. I'm connecting the HD500 to L2T using the Line6 Link cable in Studio Direct (hd) and PA (L2T) modes. I tried using the mixout on the L2T to the board but the signal was too hot. I finally just used the XLR outs on the HD500 to go to the board. Is there a way to send the signal from L2T to the board?
  3. Thank you so much! That will help a ton
  4. If I set up 2 signal paths (e.g. 1 clean, 1 dirty) with different amps and fx on each is there a way to switch between the two of them? Thanks!
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