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  1. Preset rebuild did take a long time. After that I restored my back-up and turn the helix off. Then when I turn it on again it was rebuilding presets again and I did not expect that. It again took a long time. Now I turned off the Helix again and I now not have to build the presets again so it is quick as it was. Issue solved. Thanks all. Regards
  2. During the updating firmware 2.8 had some issues. First it froze up on me cause of a rebooting issue. Had to turn off all and lukely could start updater again and it worked the second time. But now when turn on the helix LT it take over 5 min to start up again. Bulding preset is very slow. Are people have this problem as well and maybe have a sollution. Regards
  3. Hi, I updated everything today. JVT89 has the new version 2.01 (I think a great improvement). The JT is connected via HD500. If i open Pod 500HD i can make changes on my JTV and I can see there is a connection from the JTV to the pod. If i startup workbench the program tells me the JTV is nog connected to Workbench. Anyone has some idea what to do? Regard Effenix
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