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  1. Hello arislaf, Thanks for your advice. I returned it and I got a new one playing well. Thanks, Marc
  2. Hi, Can someone give me a hint on how to set two presets; A Clean B Distortion (drive) When I do this I always have volume problems. The clean sound sounds ok, and the drive is very very high volume and not very distorded. Thanks, Marc
  3. Hi, I own a Spider IV 150, a pod and a jm4 looper. I connected the JM4 looper to the "cd-in" input of the Spider IV and it performs well the backing tracks. Now I doubt. I do not know if I should connect my guitar to the looper or to the Spider IV? And I do not know if I should connect the POD? Too many effects to choice... Can you help me? Thanks, Marc PS: I mistype the title, it is LINE 6 of course.
  4. Hello, I recently purchased a new JM4 looper, and it seems to be a problem with at least one preset: "063 Cool 2 Beat Swing 2" When I press play, it starts to play normally, after a few seconds, it makes noises scratch, then no sound for a few seconds, then play again. Can it be that this preset is corrupted? Can I reloaded it in one way or another? I checked the firmware level and it is 2.09 (while I expected 2.0 for an out of the box) Thanks for your help. Marc
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